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Travel Adventures in Beijing // China

Several months ago, I had the chance to visit Beijing for a couple of days as part of a two week trip to China and Nepal. I only had a couple of days to spend in Beijing, but was lucky enough to find a Hostel to stay at right in the Dongcheng district in downtown Beijing, so I had a bit of time to walk around and experience a little bit of the city.

My hostel was located in one of the hutongs in downtown, so once I figured out how to not get completely lost, I was able to walk around a bit and see the tiny shops and houses in and around the small alleyways cris-crossing downtown Beijing.
beijing china people playing cards in hutong downtown
bicycle parked in dongcao hutong in beijing china
ornate orange door - beijing travel photography
street scenes in downtown beijing china
dark sky - twilight in beijing
street graffiti in china - beijing street photography


Taking in a view of the Forbidden City after sunset.
sunset at the forbidden city in beijing
candid scene - forbidden city - beijing travel photographer
protester at entrance to forbidden city in beijing
street food vendor in downtown beijing - dc travel photography
forbidden city temple through the trees


I love walking around with no discernible goal – of course, in this case, I was thoroughly lost once again, but I’ve found that to be the most interesting way of exploring a new city anyway :)
construction workers in china - travel street photographer


Simplicity among the city jumble.
simple contrast - tree in downtown beijing china
beijing china - bicycle basket photo
street photography downtown beijing china
candid street scenes - china travel photographer
street food in beijiing china
night time photography in beijing
food and spices - night food market beijing
washington dc destination travel photographer


I found the Dong Hua Men Food Market :) I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many varieties of things-on-a-stick. I’m pretty sure I had snake on a stick, followed by snake skin on a stick, followed by some sort of dessert..on a stick.
dong hua men night food market - beijing
food market in china - exotic foods
eating exotic foods in beijing - china
uncooked skewers of meat at night food market in china
drinks at food market in beijing - travel photography
eating new and exciting food in beijing
food vendor - beijing, china
delicious mystery food in beijing
beijing dong hua men night food market
pouring tea - beijing china night photography
food photography in beijing china
want to try this meat on a stick?
wangfujing cathedral - beijing china
bicycle in hutong - downtown beijing
night scenes wandering around beijing
food stall - dengcao hutong beijing - destination photographer
lantern in downtown beijing alley


Temple of Heaven Park – beautiful, eerily quiet and incredibly serene. At least somewhat due to the fact that it was two hours after sunset, freezing cold and windy.
temple of heaven park in beijing
beijing china travel wedding photographer


Some breakdancing practice outside the Wangfujing Cathedral.
breakdancing at night in beijing - street scenes
downtown beijing - breakdancing candid photography
entrance lanterns at beijing hostel


On my last day, I was finally able to take a drive out to see a part of the Great Wall in Mutianyu.
mutianyu great wall
visiting the great wall - mutianyu china
great wall of china - destination travel photographer

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