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The Streets of Chania | Crete

I had the chance to spend some time wandering around Crete and Santorini a while ago – you might have even seen a couple photos of the amazing landscapes I saw during my travels. Of course, travel isn’t all about the amazing landscapes. Sometimes, it’s about walking out of your hotel in Chania at night and spending the next two hours walking around the historic old city and Venetian Port while trying to find a supposedly amazing restaurant, only to find out they only accepted cash, spending another hour trying to find a working ATM, and finally sitting down at a chair out in the street to listen to the quiet hum of live music and voices coming out of the numerous windows of the apartments and houses all around me and the distant crashing of the waves in the harbor.

chania - old venetian port - greece
athinie hotel - khania - crete
couple sitting by the water - khania crete travel photographer
boats in khania harbor - venetian port crete
chania crete sunset
venetian port in chania city - crete greece
chania harbor at night - crete
historic town of khania - walking the streets at night
synagogue in khania crete
walking around chania at night - travel photography greece
old church in khania - greece wedding photographer
street photography in chania crete
moped parked in front of door - scenes from khania crete
beautiful architecture - chania - crete
lamp post with blue sky - crete photography

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