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Marcella + Eric | Vandiver Inn Wedding

Marcella and Eric are truly amazing people. Ever since we met last February, we hit it off right away since both of our visions for what a wedding should be about were completely in sync. Their most important photographic request for me was to really focus on capturing those candid moments that occur at every wedding but sometimes go un-noticed. I’m sure they saw my face light up at that request since that’s without doubt my favorite part of photographing a wedding – in those vignettes of the day I am able to capture the real love, joy and happiness that a wedding is all about.

For Marcella & Eric, their wedding was really a celebration of their love. Their love for each other and their love for all of their friends and family, some of whom traveled thousands of miles to be with them on this day and who helped make this a truly memorable wedding. The wedding was held at the gorgeous Vandiver Inn in historic Havre de Grace, Maryland on a beautiful sunny day (thanks to hurricane Earl, for passing us by and only leaving a lingering breeze that helped keep the temperature perfect)

From the beautiful and moving ceremony to the many poignant speeches by friends and family to hours of some crazy, crazy dancing, we had a truly amazing time. Thanks for letting me take part in your day, Marcella & Eric.

I hope you enjoy looking through these photos almost as much as I did taking them.

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