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Traveling in Nepal // Swayambhunath Temple // Kathmandu

Last fall, I was able to spend some time in China (check out some photos from my adventures in Beijing) and Nepal. Of course, I’ve been sharing my photos in reverse order, so I’ll keep that trend going today. On my last day in Nepal, after I returned from trekking in Sagarmatha National Park, I was able to to spend a bit more time walking around Kathmandu. I somehow managed to finally walk up to see one of the holiest sites in Buddhism, the Swayambhunath Stupa, or, due to the large number of rhesus monkeys who make the temple their home, as it’s more widely know, the Monkey Temple.

It’s quite a sight to behold. A steady stream of pilgrims ascended the stairs and began to walk (or more specifically, circumambulate) around the Stupa in a clockwise direction while running their hands over the many prayer wheels built into the walls, while many others performed other Buddhist and Hindu ceremonies in many shrines surrounding the main Stupa, all as crowds of tourists from every corner of the world milled about, taking photos, praying, trying to avoid getting relieved of the contents of their pockets by the monkeys or even trying to figure out where exactly they were and how to find the right stairs to make it back to to their starting point.

Instead of capturing all of that frenzy, I thought I’d try to see if I could get a bit of the mood of the place instead.



swayambhunath buddhist stupa - kathmandu holy site
buddhist stupa in kathmandu - monkey temple
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prayer wheel - swayambhunath stupa - kathmandu
newar buddhist stupa - swayambhunath
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monkey temple kathmandu - rhesus monkeys
man lighting candle at swayambhunath temple
holy monkey hanging out in kathmandu
dome of swayambhunath stupa
landscape photograph of kathmandu - stormy clouds
prayer wheels in nepal
hindu buddhist symbols at swayambhunath stupa
pilgrims walking around stupa
bw photo of kathmandu buddhist stupa
nepal kathmandu street photographer
storm clouds over kathmandu
exercise at the top of the world - kathmandu nepal

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