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Jill + Matt | Boston Engagement

I love engagement sessions. I extol their virtues in every client meeting and include them in all of my packages. For me, they’re not only a fantastic way to get some photos to use for save-the-dates, but they’re a way to really connect with a couple, to help them relax in front of the camera and lastly, but most importantly, to actually enjoy themselves. I’m often asked about how long my engagement sessions tend to last, and my truthful answer is that they last anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours. I try my best to tailor every engagement session to the couple, so that I can show who they are and what their personalities are in the photos that I take. With these two, getting their personalities to shine and giving them the chance to get comfortable in front of the camera was easy, as you’ll see.

Jill and Matt’s wedding is going to be held at the gorgeous Grandview Manor in Matthew, Virginia in three weeks, but since they live in Boston, I decided that shooting their engagement in Boston would be a fun alternative to them having to drive down and shoot away from home.

We met up at Haymarket, a local open air market and wandered around historic downtown area and Beacon Hill. We finished the day by drinking beers on the rooftop of their apartment building and enjoying a delicious home cooked meal, so Jill & Matt – thank you for an amazing time and I truly cannot wait to shoot your wedding!

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