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Traveling in Nepal

I’ve been posting bits from this one on the blog over the past several months, but finally, here’s much more from my amazing trip to Nepal last fall. I spent a day in Kathmandu’s Thamel district before flying to Lukla with Bastola, my awesome guide, and making a quick trek to Namche Bazaar and the gorgeous Sagarmatha National Park, including some spectacular views of Mount Everest. From Lukla, I flew to Pokhara and spent another day exploring the lakeside town, hanging out with the adorable kids of my guide’s brother-in-law’s family, taking a boat trip out on Phewa Lake, and watching the sun rise over the Annapurna Mountain Range from Sarangkot the following morning.

After flying back to Kathmandu, I spent another day exploring the city, venturing out to historic city of Bhaktapur, climbing up to Swayambunath Temple, and spending some time at Pashupatinath Temple, where I happened to witnessed a Hindu cremation on the banks of the Bagmati river before heading back to the Airport and China.

Hope you enjoy!


The view from the guesthouse I stayed in while in Kathmandu. I loved being able to get up before dawn, sit at a table in the garden and slowly watch the town come alive.

nepal travel photography 01
nepal travel photography 02
nepal travel photography 03


People walking on a hazy morning in the Thamel district of Kathmandu.

nepal travel photography 04


Hanging out in the Kathmandu airport and waiting for my flight toLukla.

nepal travel photography 05
nepal travel photography 06
nepal travel photography 07


View from my seat of the town of Lukla as we were landing.

nepal travel photography 08
nepal travel photography 09
nepal travel photography 10
nepal travel photography 11
nepal travel photography 12
nepal travel photography 13
nepal travel photography 14
nepal travel photography 15
nepal travel photography 16


Playing Uno with some fellow travelers in Phakding Village on the way to Namche Bazaar.

nepal travel photography 17
nepal travel photography 18


Heading up towards Everest on one of many cable suspension bridges over the Dudh Kosi river.

nepal travel photography 19
nepal travel photography 20
nepal travel photography 21


Passing a Cow (or Yak.. or Cow-Yak hybrid) on the trail :)

nepal travel photography 22
nepal travel photography 23
nepal travel photography 24


Looking at the Himalayas and Everest from Namche Bazaar.

nepal travel photography 25
nepal travel photography 26
nepal travel photography 27
nepal travel photography 28
nepal travel photography 29
nepal travel photography 30
nepal travel photography 31
nepal travel photography 32
nepal travel photography 33
nepal travel photography 34


Panorama of Namche Bazaar and the Kongde Ri peak in the background.

nepal travel photography 35
nepal travel photography 36
nepal travel photography 37
nepal travel photography 38
nepal travel photography 39
nepal travel photography 40
nepal travel photography 41
nepal travel photography 42
nepal travel photography 43
nepal travel photography 44


Heading back towards Lukla. Last glimmer of the sunset on the mountains.

nepal travel photography 45
nepal travel photography 46


Had some delicious pastries from this German Bakery. Also, a Yak.

nepal travel photography 47


A glimpse of the Himalayas from our plane on the way back to Kathmandu.

nepal travel photography 48
nepal travel photography 49
nepal travel photography 50


In Pokhara, the sunset on top of the Annapurna Mountain range from Phewa Lake.

nepal travel photography 51
nepal travel photography 52


Met Ishwor, the proprietor of a T-Shirt & Embroidery place in Pokhara and chatted with him about running a business for a bit :)

nepal travel photography 53


The view over Lake Phewa, Pokhara and the valley from the Peace Pagoda in the pre-dawn hours. What a view.

nepal travel photography 54
nepal travel photography 55
nepal travel photography 56


What a sunrise :)

nepal travel photography 57
nepal travel photography 58
nepal travel photography 59
nepal travel photography 60
nepal travel photography 61


The long walk back down to Phewa Lake from the Peace Pagoda.

nepal travel photography 62
nepal travel photography 63
nepal travel photography 64
nepal travel photography 65


Before heading out to Sarangkot for the evening, I spent some time hanging out with Narayan (my guide’s brother-in-law) and his family in Pokhara.

nepal travel photography 66
nepal travel photography 67
nepal travel photography 68
nepal travel photography 69


Completely normal occurance, just a bull heading on some important bovine business in Pokhara.

nepal travel photography 70
nepal travel photography 71
nepal travel photography 72
nepal travel photography 73
nepal travel photography 74
nepal travel photography 75


Sunset view from Sarangkot across the lake to the other side and the Peace Pagoda.

nepal travel photography 76
nepal travel photography 77
nepal travel photography 78
nepal travel photography 79
nepal travel photography 80
nepal travel photography 81
nepal travel photography 82


Back in Kathmandu, I spent some time walking around the historic city of Bhaktapur. Here’s a view of the five-storied Nyatapola Temple in Durbar Square.

nepal travel photography 83
nepal travel photography 84
nepal travel photography 85
nepal travel photography 86
nepal travel photography 87


Bus travel on the main ring road around Kathmandu.

nepal travel photography 88
nepal travel photography 89


Afternoon Nap.

nepal travel photography 90
nepal travel photography 91


Heading to the Pashupatinath Temple complex through the market, I saw this group of people heading in the opposite direction, no idea that there was a young Bull behind them who decided they were going a bit too slow. Hilarity ensued.

nepal travel photography 92
nepal travel photography 93
nepal travel photography 94
nepal travel photography 95


While at Pashupatinath, I witnessed a human cremation on the Ghat of the Bagmati river that runs throughout Nepal, eventually draining into the Ganges at the city of Varanasi in India.

nepal travel photography 96
nepal travel photography 97
nepal travel photography 98
nepal travel photography 99
nepal travel photography 100
nepal travel photography 102
nepal travel photography 103
nepal travel photography 104

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Traveling in Nepal // Swayambhunath Temple // Kathmandu

Last fall, I was able to spend some time in China (check out some photos from my adventures in Beijing) and Nepal. Of course, I’ve been sharing my photos in reverse order, so I’ll keep that trend going today. On my last day in Nepal, after I returned from trekking in Sagarmatha National Park, I was able to to spend a bit more time walking around Kathmandu. I somehow managed to finally walk up to see one of the holiest sites in Buddhism, the Swayambhunath Stupa, or, due to the large number of rhesus monkeys who make the temple their home, as it’s more widely know, the Monkey Temple.

It’s quite a sight to behold. A steady stream of pilgrims ascended the stairs and began to walk (or more specifically, circumambulate) around the Stupa in a clockwise direction while running their hands over the many prayer wheels built into the walls, while many others performed other Buddhist and Hindu ceremonies in many shrines surrounding the main Stupa, all as crowds of tourists from every corner of the world milled about, taking photos, praying, trying to avoid getting relieved of the contents of their pockets by the monkeys or even trying to figure out where exactly they were and how to find the right stairs to make it back to to their starting point.

Instead of capturing all of that frenzy, I thought I’d try to see if I could get a bit of the mood of the place instead.



swayambhunath buddhist stupa - kathmandu holy site
buddhist stupa in kathmandu - monkey temple
washington dc travel photographer - kathmandu nepal
prayer wheel - swayambhunath stupa - kathmandu
newar buddhist stupa - swayambhunath
nepal wedding photographer - buddhist stupa in kathmandu
monkey temple kathmandu - rhesus monkeys
man lighting candle at swayambhunath temple
holy monkey hanging out in kathmandu
dome of swayambhunath stupa
landscape photograph of kathmandu - stormy clouds
prayer wheels in nepal
hindu buddhist symbols at swayambhunath stupa
pilgrims walking around stupa
bw photo of kathmandu buddhist stupa
nepal kathmandu street photographer
storm clouds over kathmandu
exercise at the top of the world - kathmandu nepal

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Travel Adventures in Beijing // China

Several months ago, I had the chance to visit Beijing for a couple of days as part of a two week trip to China and Nepal. I only had a couple of days to spend in Beijing, but was lucky enough to find a Hostel to stay at right in the Dongcheng district in downtown Beijing, so I had a bit of time to walk around and experience a little bit of the city.

My hostel was located in one of the hutongs in downtown, so once I figured out how to not get completely lost, I was able to walk around a bit and see the tiny shops and houses in and around the small alleyways cris-crossing downtown Beijing.
beijing china people playing cards in hutong downtown
bicycle parked in dongcao hutong in beijing china
ornate orange door - beijing travel photography
street scenes in downtown beijing china
dark sky - twilight in beijing
street graffiti in china - beijing street photography


Taking in a view of the Forbidden City after sunset.
sunset at the forbidden city in beijing
candid scene - forbidden city - beijing travel photographer
protester at entrance to forbidden city in beijing
street food vendor in downtown beijing - dc travel photography
forbidden city temple through the trees


I love walking around with no discernible goal – of course, in this case, I was thoroughly lost once again, but I’ve found that to be the most interesting way of exploring a new city anyway :)
construction workers in china - travel street photographer


Simplicity among the city jumble.
simple contrast - tree in downtown beijing china
beijing china - bicycle basket photo
street photography downtown beijing china
candid street scenes - china travel photographer
street food in beijiing china
night time photography in beijing
food and spices - night food market beijing
washington dc destination travel photographer


I found the Dong Hua Men Food Market :) I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many varieties of things-on-a-stick. I’m pretty sure I had snake on a stick, followed by snake skin on a stick, followed by some sort of dessert..on a stick.
dong hua men night food market - beijing
food market in china - exotic foods
eating exotic foods in beijing - china
uncooked skewers of meat at night food market in china
drinks at food market in beijing - travel photography
eating new and exciting food in beijing
food vendor - beijing, china
delicious mystery food in beijing
beijing dong hua men night food market
pouring tea - beijing china night photography
food photography in beijing china
want to try this meat on a stick?
wangfujing cathedral - beijing china
bicycle in hutong - downtown beijing
night scenes wandering around beijing
food stall - dengcao hutong beijing - destination photographer
lantern in downtown beijing alley


Temple of Heaven Park – beautiful, eerily quiet and incredibly serene. At least somewhat due to the fact that it was two hours after sunset, freezing cold and windy.
temple of heaven park in beijing
beijing china travel wedding photographer


Some breakdancing practice outside the Wangfujing Cathedral.
breakdancing at night in beijing - street scenes
downtown beijing - breakdancing candid photography
entrance lanterns at beijing hostel


On my last day, I was finally able to take a drive out to see a part of the Great Wall in Mutianyu.
mutianyu great wall
visiting the great wall - mutianyu china
great wall of china - destination travel photographer

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2012 | A Look Back

First and most importantly, to all the awesome couples who took a chance and let me in to document their amazing stories last year, thank you!

I was fortunate to have had an incredible 2012. I photographed some amazing weddings, proposals, engagements and many other interesting events, met lots of wonderful people along the way, traveled to some of the most breathtaking parts of the world and hopefully, learned something along the way to help me make 2013 even better.

Here’s a look back at 2012.

dramatic rainy night bride and groom shot - washington dc
ethiopian wedding - bride getting ready candid bw
beautiful moment bride with grandfather hug
rachel and chris rainy bridal session dc lincoln memorial
metallic tree sculpture garden dc sun
west hollywood gay engagement california
proposal photographer lincoln monument dc
washington dc proposal gallery of art fountain night time
new zealand mount cook destination wedding photographer dc
caitlin and rob beautiful candid bridal portrait st regis
flamenco dancer russian wedding photographer baltimore
tree of life yosemite national park photographer california
bryce canyon milky way photo travel photographer
edgar allan poe wedding offbeat richmond wedding photographer
wharariki beach new zealand sunset photographer travel
dumbarton oaks engagement photographer
night time washington monument dc silhouette bride and groom
woodlawn manor bride and groom portrait wedding photographer
pasadena california langham destination wedding photographer
new zealand milford sound landscape travel photographer
zion springs wedding photographer - dark stormy bridal portrait
abel tasman national park new zealand travel photographer
wharariki beach new zealand night palm tree
tom and christa - night time washington dc proposal
arches national park utah - the eye portrait
new zealand trees - world travel photographer
the cows are looking at me in new zealand
caitlin and rob - dark dramatic bridal portrait st regis dc
mount cook view from a helicopter - new zealand destination photographer
washington dc lincoln memorial proposal photographer
jamelyn and chris - maymont estate richmond vintage engagement
a view of the himalayas - annapurna mountains from sarankot
erica and ayinde - beautiful washington dc wedding
washington dc fiery sunrise on the national mall - bridal silhouette portrait
harpers ferry engagement photographer
san francisco destination bridal session photographer
great falls engagement with awesome dog
boudhanath buddhist temple in Nepal - Kathmandu travel photographer
great falls dog engagement session sunrise
gorgeous sky engagement silhouette great falls va
rehoboth beach destination engagement session
dr seuss theme wedding candid dance moment
beautiful new zealand landscape travel photographer
high fives are awesome manassas battlefield engagement photo
beijing temple dramatic photo travel wedding photographer
jane and brian - dark dramatic engagement in washington dc
beautiful san francisco bridal portrait session
i can make people fly - meadowlark gardens engagement
eastern shore chesapeake engagement beautiful sunset
zen in downtown beijing international travel photographer
dramatic dark bridal portrait west coast
groom quiet candid moment carnegie institute of science wedding
national gallery of art engagement high fives are awesome
erin and stefan breckenridge colorado wedding photographer
kathmandu golden light in nepal destination wedding photographer
liz and james - dip photo - wedding photographer dc
jane and brian arena stage fearless photographer dc
beautiful symmetry - bride and grandparents
great wall of china - travel photographer
national gallery of art sunset silhouette bridal portrait
top of the world peace pagoda in pokhara nepal
allison and steve - creative bw silhouette engagement photo
fly by knight hostel beijing - china travel photographer


2013, bring it on!

3 Responses to 2012 | A Look Back

  • Luis:

    Freaking next level boss up. Ricky Rozay would be proud. I’m glad I was able to witness some of that magic.

  • Sharon:

    Amazing eye you have for the beautiful and unusual! Love the cows! and Also the sky with the stars and over look below! Great captions of people in action!

  • Epic year, my friend. Also, thanks for stepping in when I needed you and being a part of my 2012.

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