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Jess + Neil // Annmarie Sculpture Gardens // Wedding

First of all, I can’t believe I haven’t posted Jess and Neil’s wedding up until now. Because it was full of amazing awesomeness. Jess and Neil are some of the most genuine and happy people I know, and I had a pretty good idea of how great the wedding would be when, for our engagement session, we climbed all around Great Falls with Jess, Neil, and the most important member of their family, Charlie the dog (check out their session here: Jess, Neil, and Charlie the dog’s day of fun.), followed by a delicious Filipino breakfast.

The wedding day was no less awesome, as it was held at the gorgeous Annmarie Sculpture Gardens in Solomons, MD on the Eastern Shore. We had it all. Tears of happiness (Jess had both a first look with her dad at the hotel, and with Neil out on the dock), beautiful cello music during the ceremony, some fantastic portraits in creepy abandoned barns in front of rusted out boats, and some of the most crazy dancing I’ve seen. This was just a fantastic day all around, and I can’t thank Jess and Neil enough for bringing me along to be there for it.

Hope you enjoy :)

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