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2010 – Endings and New Beginnings.

Each wedding that I photograph is composed of millions of moments. Most are fleeting and seemingly inconsequential, and go unnoticed by the majority of the people around me, while for me, they are the true thread that holds a wedding together. They let me properly tell the story of the love between two people and the coming together of two families, as well as give me the chance to be in the presence of true joy and real happiness for just a little bit. Cheesy? Sure, but it’s also very true :).

To end 2010, I wanted to reflect on the millions of these moments that I have been fortunate enough to be able to record, so instead of a wedding photo, I leave you with a photograph of the Jökulsárlón, otherwise known as the Glacier Lagoon, from my trip to Iceland last January. For me, whether that moment is the quick look the bride exchanges with her father just before walking down the aisle, or just before the sun sets and an entire lagoon glows with an eerie and beautiful deep blue, they are equally beautiful in their own way.

2010 is over and I cannot wait to see what 2011 brings.

Washington, DC Wedding Photographer - 2010 - Endings & Beginnings - Jökulsárlón in Iceland

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